three pieces, acryl on paper, 55x85cm, 200x135cm, 75x95cm, 2007

Project was created specially for American Embassy in Bratislava capital of Slovakia.These paintings were on the walls in the waiting room . Its about working with feelings which Slovak people feel until they are waiting for the visa on embassy. There are cartoon characters well known in slovakian country from fairy tales. They are maybe little bit naïve or jejune, but most of the people took the experience with them in childhood. They were also very often painted on the walls in the dentist’s waiting rooms to make children not be afraid from a doctor. In position when people don´t know what to expect, what will be the result of their waiting is here again this cartoon character. He becomes a guider for them. He shows his own way how to ask for visa, how to travell to America, how to follow a dream and how to win in a big world. This brings relax to emotionaly complicate atmosphere and gives hope for the future.

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