3xP petra p. petrikova, mgr. art.

here is used the personal artist mark to point out the presence of the new abroud artist here. She would like to comunicate with local artists society.

the stamp contain a little doe jumping above the discontinuos sign-as a symbol of some way or bridge, which you have to going through. the doe is the animal with who she is mainly identificated.

applied squares net was used to enlarge the stamp, but simultaneously refer to navigation pattern in the maps. this is an empty map, waiting to be filled.


as a being this exhibition 1 day, the calendar contains 24 lists for every hour of a day. on the backside of each list is written the idea of artist belong to concretly hour. whoever can take 1 of the list with himself, read and maybe think about that idea. any answer or even the question is very welcome by email.

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